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Why Did I Have to Kill Her?

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Death, Hell
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Cassie loses an eyeWhyDieLife is full of things we hate to do. But today was especially hated. My daughter reminded me that if the day ever came, I would take Cassie to the vet to be killed. I bought Cassie in 1995. We had just lost a Dachshund named Schmitzy. She had been a beloved member of our family for 11 or 12 years. She had helped raise our kids. They were heartbroken. I acted like it didn’t bother me (I’ve been accused of having no heart by several people). About two weeks later I was driving and saw a pet store and decided to drop in. I came upon the cutest little bundle of white and tan fur I had ever seen. Her eyes melted my heart, and I brought her home. She stole my kids hearts, and mine as well. She had a terrible run-in with one of my daughters dogs over a treat. She never had a chance. Hell Dog 2 tore into Cassie and literally tore her eye from the socket. We tried to save the eye, but soon it was obvious that it was dead. So the vet took the eyeball and sewed her eyelids shut. She never was the same dog after that. My heart was broken seeing her after that. Soon a young man asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I said yes on one condition-you must take her dogs, Cassie included.Cassie on a better day

Why are you here Yesterday the call came… Cassie is not doing well.

She was already deaf and her body seemingly racked with arthritis. She couldn’t control her bowels now. Her quality of life was going down rapidly. My daughter reminded me of my promise and I agreed to take her to be killed. I called a vet and I had the choice of being there as she was killed, or simply dropping her off. I dropped her off. Today will be her last day to look outside the car as we go driving down the highway. No more flowers to smell. No more hugs.

Cassie was killed today. She will be cremated. She will be missed. Calling it “euthanasia” doesn’t make it any less painful.

Lydia saysgoodbyeThe ride to the vet was most eerie. She always had a sad expression, but today it seemed sadder than normal. She would hardly look at me. It was as if she knew. After all, she hadn’t seen me in several months. Why would I show up all of a sudden? I dropped her by my wife, so she could say her goodbyes. She cried, as if saying good bye to a close family friend. I suppose Cassie was. She was a part of our family for 13 years.

Cassie refuses to look at meCassie KnowsWhen I told people what I had to do, they would say “That’s terrible!” “You must be heartbroken!” Several remarked how traumatic it was when they had to have a pet killed. As a preacher, I think people are sadder over the death of their pets than they are over the death of someone who dies without coming to Jesus Christ as their Savior. That person will spend the rest of eternity in torment and separation from the Holy, Righteous God who made them. To me that is the saddest thing.

Cassie will be missed. But I would miss not spending eternity with my Creator much more.