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Larry Sinks

Larry Sinks

Kansas University is sticking it to the little guy again. KU has filed a flurry of new actions against Larry Sinks and Joe-College T-Shirts. They are seeking contempt orders because of Sinks failure to follow a court ruling against trademark infringement. Basically Joe-College is not authorized to use the Name of Kansas University or any of its protected Names or Slogans.

How important is “Authority to use a Name?”

If you are a close friend of Barack Obama, and he has authorized you to use his name, you will have great authority. Why else would his friends be scheming together to hold on to that relationship and that authority? (Read: Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close).obama-friends

Nearly 2,000 years ago people really understood the Authority of Names. There was no instant access via cell phones or emails. Men in authority always used delegates or representatives or even messengers authorized to use the Authority of their Name. Apostles Peter and John were authorized to use the Name of Jesus Christ. At the Beautiful Gate they told a lame man “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk” (Acts 3:6). Based upon that authority, the man immediately stood up and began walking and leaping and praising God!

peter-and-john-at-the-beautiful-gateIn the Name! No other Name would have brought the same dramatic result, least of all Peter’s own name.

The name of Barack Obama will have great command in the coming years. And those authorized to use his name will share in that command. Yet Barack’s name is nothing when compared to the Name of Jesus Christ. The world seeks to dishonor the Name of Jesus, but God always honors the Name of His Son. Believers in Christ must realize that we, if Christ truly lives in us, are authorized to use the Name of Jesus. God looks upon His Son in the glory of heaven, not at us here on the earth, and He honors his Son’s Name. All that took place the day Peter told the lame man to walk resulted from the impact and power of the Name of Jesus on the situation.

The only thing which distinguished Peter and John from any other citizen of Judea was that they were authorized to use that Name! The Holy Spirit had filled them and empowered them to use His Name. The Holy Spirit transformed these uneducated fishermen into Spiritual Giants, not because of who they were, but because of who they knew! Believer, have you surrendered the authority of your life to the authority of the Holy Spirit? When you walk in the Holy Spirit you are authorized to use the most powerful name in the universe. God only recognizes the Power of the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one who is worthy of honor and glory. Are you authorized to use the Name of Jesus Christ? Don’t let situations and circumstances overwhelm you. Use the Authority you have been given! Use the Name of Jesus Christ!