Revelation of Truth comes in the Darkness

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Faith, Revelation, Uncategorized
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liftupthecross1cThe Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth in John 16:13. Jesus declared Himself to be the Way the Truth anf the Life. So the Holy Spirit is He…the one who reveals the Truth of Christ to darkened hearts. Revelation must and will always precede faith. Faith embraces REVEALED truth. Faith never embraces the obvious. Lack of Faith usually involves lack of Revelation.

Our prayer should be “Holy Spirit open my heart to know Your Truth you have for me today. Make your way clear to me”

Revelation comes in the midst of darkness. God made the light to shine upon a world covered by darkness. When our way is obscured by obstacles, when difficulties cloud our view of God’s pathway, the Holy Spirit stands ready to illumine our way with the Truth. Ask Him to reveal His Truth. In fact, His Revelation will not come as long as you are using your fleshly eyes to see the way. You must be willing to close them and lean not unto your own understanding. Don’t fret about missing anything. The Holy Spirit will reveal His Truth when things are darkest and you are most willing to seek Him.

But once revealed, quickly embrace it, even grab it (lambano) as though it was the winning lottery ticket. Only Faith embraces the invisible, the revealed Truth. The opportunity to walk by faith will not linger long. The Holy Spirit demand’s immediated obedience and embrace. He wearies of ‘doubleminded dullards’. His light will not be wasted on those who ignore it.

Prayer: “Open my heart Lord and quicken my steps to walk in your revealed truth”

From my Devotional Site “Pathway of Blessing”


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