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wholly-consumed-burnt-offering“Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar”. Psalms 118:27

Animals were bound to the four horns of the altar to be wholly consumed unto God. Regardless of the animal, bullock, sheep, dove, it was a WHOLE burnt offering. God accepted nothing less.

The altar does not signify DOING for God. The altar represents BEING for God. He desires not our work, but ourselves.

romans12_1We, however, are not like the Old Testament sacrifices, consumed in one final act. We are to be “living sacrifices” as Paul described in Romans 12:1. The altar is the offering of our lives to God to be ever consumed, yet ever living, ever living, yet ever consumed.

Interesting thought. God desires our sacrifice to Him. He wants to be God of our very being, our very life. Once our earthly life is over, our heavenly “rest” begins. There will be no more being consumed. There will only be feasting with our Lord.

hell-is-a-continual-burnt-offeringThere is another god who desires no sacrifice. His way is easy, natural, even fun. Once your earthly life is over, you will discover the God who reigns, who was calling your heart to follow Him, yet you refused. But God must have His offering. You refused the perfect sacrifice that He provided, and so now you will be the sacrifice. Yet you will not be burnt all at once. You will be consumed, yet ever living, living, yet ever being consumed. Hell will be a horrible place of continual suffering. Why? Because you refused to honor God’s Son with your life.

Prayer: Holy God, take my life and all that I have as a continual offering to you. May nothing in my life keep your Life from living through me.

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