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mom-and-me-smallMy Mom, Clare Tompkins, recorded this and gave it to me on December 25, 1992. She is reading/singing “Love You Forever” written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw. At the time I received it, I thought it was cute. Sure it touched me, but not like it does today. My Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months after that Christmas. Surgery was deemed successful, yet the cancer was found in her liver a year later. My Dad died in March of 1995, and Mom followed a year after, almost to the day. Mom and Me in the Bahamas

How important is it to cherish our loved ones, our family, especially our Mom’s? It is so important that no matter how long she has been gone, your heart still aches to hold her one more time. I spent a month in the Bahama’s with Mom shortly before she died. She was seeking alternative treatment since the Doctor’s had given her no hope. We kept hoping against hope, but God was calling her home. That month I spent with Mom will always be the highlight of my time with her. I learned so much about my Mom that I simply had been too busy to learn. I miss her terribly, yet I know that Christ lived in her heart by faith. He lives in my live because of that faith. I owe so much to my Mom. I will love you forever Mom! I want so much to continue your example with my children and now grandchildren. What a blessed heritage!