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Elder Brothers Adulterous Woman

Woman Taken in Adultery


Saul was an Elder Brother

As an Elder Brother, I believe we think that sometimes we can get away with disobeying the rules. We tend to think we are above the law because we are naturally so responsible and driven. We don’t want some stupid rules getting in the way of what WE THINK is important. I know the Pharisees expected everyone to obey the laws they set forth, but secretly had laws that applied only to them. Who can say whether the arrogance of the Elder Brother was masking his own secret disobedience (remember the Elder Brothers bringing the adulterous woman to Jesus)?

Saul was definitely an Elder Brother. God was testing him as he does all Elder Brothers on two points: Faith and Obedience. Faith is needed to see and know the Father’s heart. Obedience is required because the Father is the source of ALL BLESSINGS.

But Elder Brothers hate to wait. Just ask them. Always in a hurry, always moving on to the next task. Saul was kept waiting for the Prophet Samuel in 1 Sam 13. He was told to tarry “till I come”. He failed the test of faith and obedience. Elder Brothers must learn to wait upon God, and not rely upon their own resources.

Saul disobeys God

Saul Failed Tests of Faith and Obedience

Then again in 1 Samuel 15, Saul was told to destroy Amalek utterly. Everything must be destroyed. But the bleating of the sheep gave him away. Saul was acting like the Elder Brother, focusing on the THINGS and not focusing on OBEYING the FATHER! He even believed he had obeyed, because most Elder Brothers believe they follow a different set of rules.

Saul learned too late that the Father values Faith and Obedience. The younger son realized when he reached the end of himself, and came home. The Elder Brother was home, but in his own self-reliance obeyed his own set of rules, and failed by FAITH to see the Father’s heart.

Are you an Elder Brother like me? Then the two greatest tests you will face are the tests of Faith and Obedience. There is no Word from God too small to be obeyed. We must learn to empty ourselves of any self-reliance, and cling totally upon the Lord. Then we must learn to wait. Waiting is the hardest thing for Elder Brothers to do. Always give the Father ONE MORE DAY to show His Power!

I really hate Monday’s now. Sunday is such a high. The excitement of seeing my folks, meeting guests, standing in the pulpit and declaring God’s Word. But Monday is always a downer. Sometimes there is this gnawing in my gut that people just didn’t get the message. Or that I was an empty shell proclaiming empty words that fell to the ground the moment they left my lips. One of the most amazing sentences in God’s Word describes Samuel’s care and attention to God as he served in the Temple. “Not a Word from God fell to the floor”. What a delight Samuel must have been to God. He must have immediately became His favorite.Would that preachers, me included, treat the Word of Gold like precious diamonds and rubies. Would that our sermons would not have any doubt as to the Power of God to Profit His Word. Would that our people gaze intently, looking for the Cloud of God’s presence as we proclaim the Word that has come from meeting with God through the week. Would that we dig our feet in the ground and beg God for His Power and Presence as we preach His Holy Word.Tent of Meeting Exodus 33 describes an image that God has burned in my heart. Moses walks outside the camp 2000 cubits to the “tent of meeting”. The people all stand at their tent openings, watching Moses as he enters the “tent of meeting”. When they see the cloud of God’s presence descend upon the tent, they know that God is with them, and He is meeting with Moses. The Bible says they stood at their tents and worshipped. I don’t think it was quiet worship. They were praising God with uplifted hands. Hallelujah, Praise be to Jehovah!And then to have been Joshua, who was there in the tent, listening to Moses talk to God as friends do over lunch.

Moses My Idol

And to hear Moses get persistent with God, saying:“If you aren’t going with us, don’t let us move a step from this place. If you don’t go with us, who will ever know that I and my people have found favor with you, and that we are different from any other people upon the face of the earth?”

How bold and passionate Moses must have been! How zealous of God’s presence! Then to cry out to God, his friend, “Show me Your glory!” Moses is my idol. I need his passion!

Monday’s are downers, because I feel emotionally let down. I feel empty, as if I accomplished nothing. I must cry out like Moses: “I Need Your Presence!” I can’t go on if you are not with me, leading me! God, may I see Your Glory this week. May I see You Glory in the lives of my people. I simply can’t go on by myself.