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This morning as Barack Obama listens to the message TD Jakes preaches, I pray that God would indeed move our new President and the leadership team he has assembled to heed the message and truly seek the Wisdom and Guidance of Jehovah God. May we all realize that the situation facing our country and the world is dire and ominous. May they see that God’s throne is at work, and He is demanding our attention. As David wrote centuries ago, “Put them in fear, O Jehovah, let the nations know themselves to be but men.”  If we realize this, that we are but men, that is a huge step toward seeking God’s Wisdom. barack-obama-children-b

obama-inauguration-fanOne thing I have learned, God’s guidance comes with strings. He demands our humility and our total reliance upon Him. Anything less is pride in our own ability, and man’s pride is an abomination to Him. May God’s will be done in America!

The nations are sunk down in the pit that they made: In the net which they hid is their own foot taken. Jehovah hath made himself known, he hath executed judgment: The wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah The wicked shall be turned back unto Sheol, Even all the nations that forget God. For the needy shall not alway be forgotten, Nor the expectation of the poor perish for ever. Arise, O Jehovah; Let not man prevail: Let the nations be judged in thy sight. Put them in fear, O Jehovah: Let the nations know themselves to be but men. Selah Psalms 9:15-20 (ASV)